Piano Lessons & Other Music Services


Obtain quick answers to technical questions in piano practice.

Send an image of a specific measure or passage that you are working on and receive help in ornamentation, articulation, choice of finger numbers/alternate fingerings, phrasing, etc. or send an audio recording of a passage or section with images of the score for detailed feedback.

*measure numbers must be marked in.

Subscription $10/month

Kristin Samadi provides music for various events, accompaniment for choir and other instruments , and offers weekly online and in-home music lessons.

R a t e s

Online, or at Samadis' Studio

60 minute lesson: $80

45 minute lesson: $60

30 minute lesson: $40

One hour lesson in your home: $120, and up depending on location

M u s i c S e r v i c e s

Accompanying: $80 per hour

Cocktail hour: $150 per hour

Wedding ceremony: $300

Funeral service: $300

Contact Kristin for scheduling (Free Consultation) or for rates on other events and performances.