Trío de Reinas

Trío de Reinas are collective of professional musicians, mothers all. The three are graduates of Queens College, two went on to study at Julliard while the third went on to her own far-flung adventures. All three are denizens of Queens and all are recent Moms. They discovered one another on the street, babies in tow, and upon discovering their mutual vocation they decided to collaborate and the 'three Queens' moniker was born. Asuka Elias (clarinet) has especially rearranged several familiar pieces for the group in order to expand existing repertoire to highlight their instrumentation of clarinet, violin, and piano.

The Trío de Reinas have taken on what they consider to be a vital mission of inspiring other parents/artists to embrace their dreams as well as their children--rejecting the outworn idea that becoming a parent means forfeit of one's highest aspirations. Rehearsals are a symphony of rattling toys, euphonious laughter, dimpled babies, and delightful music. The children are exposed early to tonality and often find time to express their own innate musical ideas! They develop their ears' natural musical ability as a prelude to their adult lives--a good foundation! This labor of love has informed the project with many high hopes for the future. New pieces are under development. Trío de Reinas is Kristin Samadi (piano), Blanca Cecilia-Gonzalez (violin), and Asuka Elias (clarinet).